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Interdisciplinary Teams

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At LMLA, we understand that there is the need of clients to form special project teams, for example, to produce anything from a new set of Standard Operating Procedures to target the legacy claims that came in written on parchment all those years ago...

LMLA is a leader in working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, for example we partner with Structured Settlement Consultants, Risk Managers, Brokers and the Client's own Program Managers on portfolio management projects or a particular focus in order to seek optimun outcomes.

Member or Leader

Our attorneys can act as either the team manager or as a contributer, it is up to the client to establish the role required. We can also advise on appropriate team objectives and help set realistic outcomes.


As a client, you define our role. This is independent of our consultancy services offerings and fully customizable to meet your needs. The role can also be expanded or contracted as necessary.

Skills Gap?

LMLA work closely with trusted partners and can advise on appropriate external consultants if required.

Further Information and Contact

For additional information or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact Dan Murdock, Managing Partner:.

Dan Murdock

1001 Galaxy Way, Suite 202,
Concord, CA 94520

(+1) 510 285 9255

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