All about us

Llarena, Murdock, Lopez and Azizad (LMLA) is a boutique workers’ compensation defense law firm that provides our clients with superior representation and exceptional client service at all venues across California.

We focus on consistent client guideline compliance, monitored by internal systems which measure attorney and administrative staff performance. Our firm is agile, responsive and environmentally friendly with highly qualified and experienced staff in all aspects of workers' compensation.

We take pride in hiring, and retaining, the best talent available that coupled with our low turnover rate ensures the same team remains with you for the lifetime of a file, maintaining continuity.

We are able to provide our clients with a variety of data driven reports, from legal spend and duration open, to guideline compliance and other customizable analytics based on a client’s specialized needs.


Our focus is simple: To consistently provide our clients exceptional service and a proactive defense

We don't make clients happy. We make happy clients


Our vision for the future is that injured workers achieve appropriate treatment speedily, our clients costs are limited and all professionals working in this field are educated to the fullest extent.


  • Integrity: One of our fundamental values
  • Accountability: Our Partners hold themselves accountable to you.
  • People: Meticulous, professional, caring, flexible and irreproachable.
  • Performance: Only you can attest to this.
  • Environment: LMLA is ALREADY paper-less.
  • Community: We strongly encourage community involvment and service.
  • Happiness: Happy workplace, Happy life.

Our History

2050 BCE

Although The Nippur Tablet No. 3191 from ancient Sumeria provided monetary compensation for specific injury to workers, assumption of risk was often formalized at the beginning of an employee's tenure; many industries required contracts in which workers abdicated their right to sue for injury. These became known as the "worker's right to die," or "death contracts." .

1911 - 2009

The 1911 passage of Roseberry Act introduced the voluntary scheme, but it was the Workmen's Compensation, Insurance and Safety Act of 1913 (Boynton) that is the basis of California's leglislation. There have been significant changes, with new laws (SB863 replaced SB899, et al), creating the need for clear advice and the basis of our founding.

2009 - 2018

Since its founding in 2009, LMLA has grown exponentially whilst retaining its boutique service. We now have offices in the major cities of California, all located to serve our clients' offices and the DWC venues throughout the state.

2019 and onwards

Celebrating 10 years, we enter our second decade with a continued focus on service. When you use LMLA, you gain the benefit of a whole team backing your named attorneys.

Our Focus


We specialize in Workers' Compensation Defense . LMLA is also fully authorized to provide continuing education and training for Workers' Compensation Adjusters in California. Additionally, LMLA also provides Consultancy Services for Third Party Administrators and Employers.

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Workers' Compensation Defense
Inter Disciplinary Team Approach
Continuing Education
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Some Facts

Taken from the latest statistics available from the CCHSWC, these are the actual numbers.......


Work Comp Claims per year in California. One every 56 seconds.


claims every 8 hours


million dollars loss in California Alone


companies in California are self-insured, so carry costs themselves

Source: California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation